Switzerland in the air!

Welcome to the new special exhibition “Switzerland in the air!”. The fascination of flight can be experienced in the reorganised Aviation Hall, which now covers every aspect of flying, including passenger and cargo air transport activities, light aviation, air sports, air rescue services, and the vocational opportunities related to aeronautics and aviation.

The Swiss Museum of Transport is devoting 2018 and 2019 to aviation and space travel. A number of anniversaries are looming, including 50 years of Aerosuisse, 100 years of scheduled flight in Switzerland, and the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing.

New world of flying

The Aviation Hall is at the heart of “Switzerland in the air!”: the interactive sections of the exhibition invite visitors to explore the themes “Air Traffic Control”, “Civil Aviation” and “Medical Air Rescue”. Our flying objects can also now be admired in a new light beneath the hall’s roof, as can our models of aircraft from aeronautical history, the exhibition section “Lighter than Air” featuring a Zeppelin simulator, and the sections “Aircraft Engines” and “Historical Airports”. The exhibition “Space” with its Multi-Axis Trainer, Space Transformer and Mars Landscape spotlights Swiss advances in the space industry.

Lift off with us!

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