Oceans 3D - Secrets of the oceans

Discover our blue planet on an odyssey through the oceans. This film presents the largest and least explored habitat on Earth and tells the most amazing stories of colourful marine creatures.

New technologies and up-to-the-minute research results provide us with a fascinating insight into the depths of the world's oceans. "Oceans 3D" takes you from the shallow shallows of the coast to deep, mysterious worlds.

The journey around our blue planet begins with the joyful leaps of dolphins. Amongst colourful coral reefs we meet arguably the most fascinating and intelligent creatures on Earth. As we journey through the oceans, you'll share the habitats of rays, turtles, sharks and seals as never seen before. 


ab 6 Jahren
Director: Mark Brownlow, Rachel Butler
Producer: Neil Nightingale, James Honeyborne
Original title: Oceans 3D - Our Blue Planet
Music: Hans Zimmer
Genre: Documentation
Language: German
Translation: simultanous translated in Frenc / Italian / Englisch (headphones)
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This film is presented to you in Digital 3D