Journey to Space 3D

Journey to Space is a celebration of space exploration, a tribute to international cooperation in space research and a vision toward our near-term future beyond Earth’s orbit – a manned mission to Mars within a generation. The film beautifully and inspiringly chronicles the space shuttle program, MIR, the ISS and the Hubble telescope – paying tribute to these accolades in the context of our future in space. Dazzling computer imagery depicts the spacecraft, habitats, landers, and vehicles necessary to achieve interplanetary travel, touchdown and colonization.

Journey to Space taps into our unquenchable drive to explore and discover what lies beyond, a vision certain to inspire today’s young explorers and dreamers. This is the time for our species, in the words of Carl Sagan, to “set sail across the cosmic ocean.” Next stop… Mars!

Director: Mark Krenzien
Producer: Don Kempf, Mark Kresser, Andy Wood
Musik: Cody Westheimer
Originaltitel: Journey to Space 3D
Format: 3D-Digital
Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Dauer: 40 Min.
Sprache: Deutsch
Übersetzung: simultan übersetzt in f / i / e (Kopfhörer)
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