Special exhibitions require an extensive collection

What if the tyres on your car were already 45 years old...? The historical objects in our care make similar demands on our resources. Please help us preserve the many artefacts that are currently in our external storage facilities!


The objects on display are only the tip of the iceberg: the lion's share of the collection is kept at our various external storage facilities. Many of the objects are unique, the last representatives of their era.

  • Approx. 11,000 historical objects
  • Approx. 18,000 books, 6,500 periodicals, 2,000 archive boxes, 55,000 postcards
  • Approx. 3,600 original plans, 24,000 maps, 70,000 photos, 10,000 glass plate negatives
  • Approx. 700 engravings and paintings, 240,000 archived documents

The Swiss Museum of Transport is the national competence centre for mobility. Preserving these artefacts for future generations is our cultural duty.

The annual cost of this mission: some 800,000 Swiss francs.

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