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The planetarium at the Swiss Museum of Transport is Switzerland’s one and only major planetarium, and is also the country’s best-known public platform for astronomy and cosmology. Since 1969, over 8 million visitors have enjoyed an awe-inspiring and educational cosmic adventure at more than 65,000 presentations.

Thanks to many generous donations, the renovation and modernization project for the planetarium at the Swiss Museum of Transport is under way, even though the funding target has still to be reached. The first project phase, which has now been completed, covered the renewal of the heart of the planetarium: the projection system with content (digitised universe) and the replacement of the cooling system, without which the planetarium could not operate. At the relaunch on 6 March 2014, with astronaut Claude Nicollier as special guest, attendees immersed themselves in the brilliantly twinkling celestial sky and thrilled to the breathtaking new space walk adventure, an experience even astronauts can only dream of. As a further innovation, the centre of the planetarium hall has been transformed into a multifunctional setting for exclusive events.

But we still need your assistance in our quest to fully develop our planetarium into an exciting multi-faceted experience! Please continue to help, with a donation of 20, 50 or 100 Swiss francs, for example, or by ‘buying’ one of the comfortable armchairs – to which we will affix your name – for 1,000 Swiss francs. All donations will be greatly appreciated!

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