Internet auction "Trésor"

You like the Swiss Museum of Transport as an institution and feel that our restoration project is worthy of support. In that case, why not take part in the auction and make use of the various ways in which you can participate.

  • You possess a valuable object and are willing to allow the Swiss Museum of Transport to auction it, so that the proceeds benefit the upkeep of our collection.
    Donate item
  • You have discovered a "treasure" in the auction and are bidding for it. The highest bidder will become the proud owner; the proceeds go directly to aid the upkeep of our technical cultural heritage.
    Bid and buy item
  • You are swapping a (more valuable) object of your own for an auction item and thereby redeem value against value.
    Exchange item
  • You would like to do something for the upkeep of the cultural heritage without participating in the auction and are remitting a cash donation.
    One-time donation

We would like to thank you very much for your participation and hope you have a lot of fun with our "Trésor" auction.