Fokker F-Vlla

Anthony H.G. Fokker (1890-1933) built outstanding bombers during the First World War, but from then on he concentrated on the design of commercial aircraft – among them the Fokker F-VIIa – the luxury commercial aircraft of our grandfathers’ generation.

Fokker’s greatest success was the Fokker F-VII (later F-VIIa) which was available from 1924. It provided space for up to ten passengers and previously unknown levels of comfort. With its sensational range, it enabled flights to be made over previously impossible distances. Fokker was able to sell 42 aircraft, three of them to the Swiss Balair airline. The oldest of these three aircraft carried the registration CH-157 and after its transfer to Swissair (1934) the new registration HB-LBO. 1925 saw the launch of the almost identical three-engined Fokker F-VIIa-3m version. This established various world records and firsts, rapidly becoming the standard commercial aircraft of its time.

Technical data
Original   Fokker F-VIIa passenger aircraft operated by Swissair 
Year of construction   1927
Wingspan   19.3 m
Maximum speed   197 km/h
Range   800 km
Occupants   Pilot, radio operator, 8-10 passengers