The world of Swiss

Swiss, Switzerland's flag-carrier airline, is featured in the Aviation Hall courtesy of a new, wide-ranging thematic island. Visitors are able to compete with each other in an aviation quiz, or try a real-time approach to Zurich in the new flight simulator.

The new Swiss exhibition is modern and interactive. The new type of flight simulator allows amateur pilots to practise their approach to Zurich airport in the face of varying degrees of difficulty. The simulator is controlled by body movement alone and makes use of Swiss's real-time flight plan; in other words, the visitor performs the approach at the same time and in the same aircraft as is currently landing at the airport. To mark a successful landing, the simulator sends a pilot's licence via iPad direct to the visitor's email account.

A slide leads from the cabin of a recreated fuselage of an A340 back to the ground, which is painted to resemble the markings on the airport apron. An information station displays real-time data on the position of Swiss aircraft around the globe.