SS Pilatus

Perfect engineering – the use of the paddle wheel was not restricted to the side wheel paddle steamers frequently encountered in Switzerland. A large rear paddle wheel was also used to propel rear wheel paddle steamers such as those on the Mississippi for example.

On 5 December 1893, the Lake Lucerne Steamship Company concluded a contract with Gebrüder Sulzer in Winterthur for the delivery of a new medium-sized saloon vessel. Late material deliveries resulted in its maiden voyage being delayed until mid 1895. In 1966, the SS Pilatus was withdrawn from service after completing 1,974,254 km. In 1978, the vessel was broken up completely with the exception of the engine and part of the deck saloon which have been preserved for posterity as contemporary witnesses in the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Technical data
Object   Engine, paddle wheel
Year of construction   1893 - 1895
Manufacturer   Gebrüder Sulzer AG, Winterthur
Number of crew   8
Passengers   550
Maximum speed   24 km/h