Gotthard railway model

To mark the inauguration of the Swiss Museum of Transport in 1959, the railway and model railway enthusiasts of Lucerne built a model representing the Gotthard north access ramp between Erstfeld and Wassen. They put in around 30,000 hours of voluntary work.

Ascending the mounting through helical tunnels – the Gotthard railway model shows Erstfeld station, the two imposing bridges over the Chärstelenbach and the Intschireuss and finally the three helical tunnels near Wassen.

The model does not show the motorway since it depicts the landscape as it was around the end of the 1950s.
However, the locomotives and carriages making up the model trains are in some cases considerably newer.

The Swiss Museum of Transport is grateful to the railway and model railway enthusiasts of Lucerne for the newly designed 2007 Gotthard railway model in the rail transport hall as well as for its loving and expert maintenance. The show runs every hour and lasts 8 minutes.

Technical data
Surface area of the model:   5.6 x 13 m
Max. gradient   26 ‰
Height difference   1,49 m
Total track length   350 m
Min. curve radius   70 cm
No. of points   70
No. of block sections   18
Max. track capacity   16

10:30 Uhr
11:30 Uhr
12:30 Uhr
13:30 Uhr
14:30 Uhr
15:30 Uhr
16:30 Uhr
8 Min.
Anzahl Personen
50 Pers.