SS Rigi

The 160-year-old «Rigi» is regarded as the oldest surviving flush-deck side-wheel paddle steamer in the world. It is also the oldest surviving means of motorised transport in Switzerland.

An eventful history – the steamship «Rigi» was originally employed for the transport of goods between Lucerne and Flüelen, a vital step on the European trade route from Basel to Milan. It played an important role in the mechanisation of the Alps. The SS «Rigi» has also played its part in writing tourist history: in 1863 it conveyed guests on the first guided tour through the Swiss Alps by Thomas Cook. In 1958, the «Rigeli» became one of the first exhibits to make its way to the Swiss Museum of Transport. It is being restored to its original 1870 condition as part of a comprehensive restoration that began in mid 2007.

Technical data
Original   Steamship SS Rigi, paddle steamer
Year of construction   1848
Manufacturer   Ditchborn&Mare, London
Crew   5
Maximum speed   19.7 km/h