Solar Impulse live

The circumnavigation of the globe by Solar Impulse 2 is being relayed live in the Swiss Museum of Transport. An exhibition on the first floor of the entrance hall is showcasing this pioneering project and includes a replica of the cockpit and a giant model of the solar-powered aircraft.

This eye-catching exhibit is the world's largest model of Solar Impulse 2 and boasts a wingspan of more than seven metres. Visitors are able to sit in the replica of the cockpit on the first floor. A replica of the control centre acts as Solar Impulse's Swiss base, as it were. The monitors display up-to-the-minute information, some of which is not relayed publicly via the internet. Also on show are samples of the innovative materials developed especially for Solar Impulse, plus pictorial and text displays in English. Visitors are able to record their own clips before a background of pictures of the solar-powered aircraft in the Media Factory TV studio.