Birthday Party

Special birthday musical "Der kleine Mats"

Delight your child with an extra-special birthday treat! He or she and his/her friends will visit the museum and see the children’s musical “Der kleine Mats” with Swiss singer Gunvor. 

Birthday Party Swiss Museum of Transport

Celebrate the most important day of the year in the Swiss Museum of Transport and go with your friends on an exciting journey of discovery. There are waiting for you unforgettable experiences and surprises on your birthday!

Birthday Party Filmtheatre

In the exciting guided tour you learn what makes the filmtheatre so unique. Afterwards you look with your friends a movie of your choice from the current daily program.

Birthday Party Captain Coop

Together with your friends, it goes on a journey of discovery through the Swiss Museum of Transport. Search for hidden items, solve challenging tasks and earn points. Here you learn highlights from the Swiss Museum of Transport and receive information that you can find nowhere else.