From Earth to the Universe

The night sky, beautiful as well as mysterious, has been the subject of stories and myths ever since humans walked the Earth. Only recently have we begun to discover and understand our place in the cosmos. The show 'From Earth to the Universe' is a colourful and inspirational voyage into the far reaches of the universe.

On the way from Earth to outer space you'll learn all kinds of interesting facts about the history of astronomy, the invention of the telescope and the latest giant telescopes that allow us to look further into the universe than ever before. As a spectator you'll explore the solar system and the ferocity of the incandescent sun with its eruptions. Further out, beyond the Milky Way, is the unimaginable eternity of billions of galaxies. A show for anyone who's ever wondered how stars are born and how they die.

Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended age: from age 12
Language: Main show in German
  Simultaneous translations in French / Italian / English (headphones)
Current sky Live description in German after the main show.
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