Mars, Saturn, Jupiter – unmanned space probes have explored all the planets of our solar system and made exciting discoveries. It means we already know what astronauts might find there. But no one has actually been to these worlds yet…

“Planet” is a show that takes you on a trip to these places so you can experience what spacemen and women of the future will be seeing. You’ll be getting closer to Earth’s fellow planets than ever before and discovering landscapes that seem fantastical, yet actually exist.

Join us as we explore the gigantic valleys and volcanoes on Mars, pay a visit to a comet and immerse ourselves in the cloud vortices of the giant planet Jupiter. Pass through Saturn’s rings and push on as far as the icy world of the dwarf planet Pluto on the outer edge of our solar system.

Journey with us to our amazing neighbours in the solar system.


Duration 60 minutes
Recommended age from age 10
Language German
Translations Simultaneous translations in French / Italian / English (headphones)
Current sky Live description in German after the main show.