James, a round-the-world travelling penguin from the South Pole with a hunger for knowledge, encounters Vladimir the polar bear in the icy wastes of the North Pole. They become friends and tell each other about their respective homes. They look at the stars together and wonder about the lengths of the polar nights. An animation show that's ideal for families.

To solve the puzzle of the polar nights, Vladimir the polar bear builds an astronomical observatory, to be able to observe the night sky with James the penguin's telescope. They come across wonderful constellations and the planet Saturn with its rings. The two friends decide that they need more information and have to observe Earth from above. James and Vladimir, who turns out to be a fantastic engineer, build a spaceship. During their journey around Earth they discover Mars and Saturn. They conclude that planets have a lot in common, but also lots of differences, too. They also find the answer to why the nights are so long or so short.

Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended age: from age 6
Language: Main show in German
  Simultaneous translations in French / Italian / English (headphones)
Current sky Live description in German after the main show.