Stella Nova

You leave the Earth’s protective gas envelope and fly into space...

A meteorite explodes above the tundra. The search for the source of this cosmic projectile takes you deep into space. In the Orion nebula, you discover various stellar precursors. At a highly accelerated time rate, you watch the collapse of a cosmic cloud and its development to a shining star with its planets and moons like those of our solar system. The Planetarium sinks into the waters of the young Earth. Life emerges. Our destiny and our origin are closely linked with the birth and death of the stars. What is a star? How does it function? How do stars end their lives? You will leave the Planetarium with interesting answers to the question of our origin!

The show is not currently included in our daily programme. Special shows or other public 
shows can be arranged for groups of 20 or more or for school classes upon request.

Contact via or tel. +41 41 375 74 05.

Duration   45 minutes
Recommended age   from age 10
Language   Main show in German
Translations   Simultaneous translations in French / Italian / English (headphones)
Current sky   Live description in German after the main show.
Tickets kaufen
041 375 75 75