The “House of Energy” is home to the permanent “Experience Energy!” exhibition and offers an attractive, long-term platform for showcasing the topic of energy. The building is aligned with the Minergie-P standard, has solar panels on its roof and façade, and boasts an alternative energy control centre with water usage. As a result, this prestigious new build is the perfect place to shine a light on the topic of energy.

We’re aware that the Museum of Transport uses a hefty amount of energy. If we want to explore key topics, like energy, appropriately and share them with our visitors in an impactful way, it’s almost inevitable that we will use exhibition technology to do so – which can sometimes be very energy-intensive. This is why it’s even more important that we do our bit where we can. We’re getting stuck into this with our new build, the House of Energy, and taking new approaches to our energy supply.

Visualisation of the new building "House of Energy
Visualisation of the new building "House of Energy
A view into the exhibition "Experience Energy"
A view into the exhibition "Experience Energy"

Energy control centre with water usage

Our new building technology centre lets us take a more sustainable approach to the energy mix we use for heating. Water usage enables us to limit the use of fossil fuels for heating, ventilation and cooling, while also making progress with the switch to renewables.


The House of Energy will be kitted out with solar panels, both on its roof and its façades. These installations supplement the current PV installation on the Road Transport hall, letting us generate even more electricity and feed it into the grid. This doesn’t just help with the Museum of Transport’s own supply: it also lets us play our part in supporting the general electricity grid.

Experience the topic of energy in all its diversity

Energy at the Swiss Museum of Transport

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