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Dinosaurs of Antarctica 3D

The first large-scale dinosaur film in over a decade, Dinosaurs of Antarctica showcases the amazing and bizarre prehistoric creatures that inhabited the forests and swamps of Antarctica hundreds of millions of years ago. Experience how real-life landscapes mingle with elaborately animated dinosaurs – in 3D on Switzerland’s largest screen!

Dinosaurs of Antarctica tells the story of a changing environment at the end of the world. In ancient times, dinosaurs and other creatures lived freely in a lush landscape. Today, evidence of this world lies frozen under the continent’s ice and snow. As the climate changes once more, Antarctica’s melting ice is allowing scientists to discover the remains of the past – including the fossils of these distinctive dinosaurs. Audiences of all ages will enjoy meeting the most recent dinosaur discoveries in the film, including the Cryolophosaurus and other creatures – as well as the dedicated scientists, who explore the warming continent to find them. 


© Giant Screen Films
Director David Clark
Producer Deborah Raksany; Andy Wood
Original title Dinosaurs of Antarctica
Duration 45 min
Genre Documentation
Language German
Translation Simultaneous translation into English and French (Audio translator)
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D
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