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Ancient Caves 3D

The film Ancient Caves blends science and adventure and follows scientist Gina Moseley on her mission to unlock the secrets of the Earth’s climate in caves.

Moseley and her team of cave explorers travel the world exploring vast underground worlds in search of stalagmite samples – geologic “fingerprints” – that reveal clues about the planet’s climate history. Their search takes them to some of the world’s most remote caves in France, Iceland, the Bahamas, the USA and Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Join the scientists in caves above and below the water.


© 2017 Macgillivray Freeman Films. All rights reserved
Producer MacGillivray Freeman Films
Original title Ancient Caves 3D
Duration 40 minutes
Language German
Translation translated to f / i / e (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D

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