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Into Americas Wild 3D

The film Into America’s Wild has you leaving the beaten track and embarking on an adventure to America’s hidden natural wonders. From the breathtaking coast of Oregon to the ancient canyons of the southwest, from the wilderness of Alaska to the Appalachian Trail in the east, you’ll discover picturesque back roads and secret gems.

Into America’s Wild offers a visually stunning adventure to the hidden wonders of nature. Three pioneers explore some of the most beautiful but little known parts of North America by kayak, bicycle, train, hot air balloon and aerial cableway. John Herrington, astronaut and Native American, Ariel Tweto, pilot and youth advocate, and Jennifer Pharr Davis, long-distance walker, explore the special connection we all share with nature.


© 2020 MacGillivray Freeman Films. All rights reserved
Director Greg MacGillivray
Original title Into Americas Wild
Duration 45 minutes
Genre Documentation
Language German
Translation translated to f / i / e (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D
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