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The Son of Bigfoot 3D

The legend of Bigfoot, a human-like, over-sized and extraordinarily hairy creature, has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Animation visionary Ben Stassen takes up the theme in his new 3D adventure and creates an imaginative, unusual father-and-son story – what if Bigfoot not only actually existed, but even had a son?

Young Adam finally wants to find out who his father is and sets out on his quest. He’s in for a big surprise: it’s the legendary Bigfoot, who’s been hiding in the forest for years because an evil corporation wants to use his special DNA for itself. Adam also realises that he has superpowers. But they don’t have much time to get to know each other, as shady individuals are already after them...


© 2017 nWaves Pictures SA/NV. All rights reserved
Director Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
Original title The Son of Bigfoot
Duration 40 minutes
Language German
Translation translated to f / i / e (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D
Lower age limit: 6
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