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Turtle Journey 3D

The film Turtle Journey accompanies the sea turtle Bunji on his life’s journey from birth to adulthood. Bunji’s journey takes him thousands of kilometres through the open ocean as he encounters incredible creatures.

Sea turtles are among the most majestic and oldest creatures on Earth. They have been crossing the oceans for over 100 million years, surviving mass extinctions and playing a crucial role in maintaining healthy marine food webs. Crossing thousands of kilometres of open ocean for up to 50 years before returning to the beach where they were born, these remarkable reptiles then lay their eggs to create the basis for the next generation.

The film crews followed the turtles to discover the wonders of their habitat. In doing so, they came across many strange, fascinating creatures. The 3D cinematography brings the playful sea lions, tiny sea horses and colourful clown fish to life.


Producer K2 Studios Australia
Original title Turtle Journey
Duration 42 Minuten
Genre Documentation
Language Deutsch
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D

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