Placing an order sets a number of things in motion. Today, goods and commodities circulate around the globe. Without logistics, nothing in the world would move. But what does it take to ensure the circulation of goods, globally and in Switzerland? What happens when you order something online? Find out by visiting the fascinating new exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Pallet Harbour
Pallet Harbour
Interactive experiences
Interactive experiences

Step aboard a pedalo in our boating pool and explore the world’s largest container ports courtesy of our globe in miniature. You can circle around the “Pallet Harbour”, a work of art constructed using some 1800 pallets, all made of Swiss wood. In the middle of the museum, a number of containers have been converted into interactive exhibition spaces to show, for example, the journey a banana makes from the farmer in Costa Rica to the shelf in the Swiss supermarket.

The special logistics display explains how an automated warehouse for small parts works. Using scanning and picking stations, you can even step into the role of a logistics operative. Get an overview of supply chains with the help of a miniature model and discover the multitude of jobs they involve. Also in this exhibition: virtual reality technology turns logistics into an experience.

The logistics sector offers an attractive range of professions; these are also featured in the exhibition.

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