The artist and the streamline pioneer

On the ground floor of the Hans Erni Museums, abstract paintings by Hans Erni are juxtaposed with three “Tatra” cars built by Paul Jaray. They embody the artistic and technical avant-garde of the 1930s. Paul Jaray and Hans Erni were neighbours in Lucerne for some time and enjoyed lively exchanges. Erni energetically supported Jaray in his experiments on Lake Lucerne as a “test pilot”.

At the time of his acquaintance with Paul Jaray, the young Hans Erni was creating abstract paintings with a dynamic character, compositions that simultaneously convey the impression of statics and floating, calm and speed. Many of the works feature a coming together of the intentions and studies of the streamline pioneer with the formal elements and linework of the pictorial creator.

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© Photo: Marc Latzel, Zurich

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