Così fan tutte

Friends Ferrando and Guglielmo doubt the fidelity of their respective fiancées, Dorabella and Fiordiligi. To finally quell their doubts, they make the sisters think that they are leaving to join the army, instead of which they intend to adopt disguises and seduce them under false pretences…

Misrepresentation, deception, infidelity… all the ingredients are in place for a major comic opera immersed in the genius of Mozart! This new production by Phelim McDermott relocates this merry-go-round of Italian emotions and farce to the Coney Island amusement park of a 1950s New York. 

Compositore Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Produzione Phelim McMermott
Direzione musicale David Robertson
Cast Amanda Majeski (Fiordilgi)
  Serena Malfi (Dorabella)
  Kelli O’Hara (Despina)
  Ben Bliss (Ferrando)
  Adam Plachetka (Gugliemo)
  Christopher Maltman (Don Alfonso)
Durata 3h56
Lingua Opera in italiano
con sottotitoli in tedesco.
Compri i biglietti
041 375 75 75
Cat. 1: CHF 42.-
Cat. 2: CHF 38.-
Giovani (<16 anni)
Cat. 1: CHF 32.-
Cat. 2: CHF 28.-
Live in qualità HD dal
teatro Metropolitan Opera
di New York