The Swiss Museum of Transport has set itself the task of collecting and preserving key transport technologies since the 19th century and making them accessible to a broad public. Since its founding in 1959, the Board of Trustees has been steadily and prudently expanding the National Transport Collection, which contains key milestones in the development of mobility in Switzerland. It is of national, if not international, importance.

New items are added subject to the following criteria:

  • The item must have been produced, modified and/or used in Switzerland
  • The item must be representative of an important technical, social, economic and cultural development and/or have found a wide distribution
  • The object can also be representative of a technology that failed – as an expression of the non-linear development of the history of transport mobility
  • The Swiss Museum of Transport collects historical milestones and individual items which form parts of series (for insights into the progress of important developments)

Online collection

The database shows the objects currently available to the public in the museum. Collection online is constantly being expanded and updated. We offer extended research possibilities in German in our Document Centre with reference library and archive with objects not on display, archive and reference library.


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