Immerse yourself in extreme water sports with breathtaking VR and mixed reality experiences and learn how Red Bull athletes experience their high-performance sport.

Hold your breath when a monster wave crashes over you or you stand on the 27m high Red Bull Cliff Diving Platform. Immerse yourself in the best sports and action images of the past years with 8D sound or become the virtual savior of the big wave surfers of Nazaré.

The Red Bull Media World (permanent exhibition), the Red Bull World of Racing and Red Bull Stratos are included in the museum entrance fee and the day pass. For the VR climbing experience The Edge, the additional tickets can be booked online and on site.

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Eight new and revised experiences on the topic of water sports

Icaros Active

Ride waves on the "Icaros Cloud" and do something good for your fitness. The popular "Icaros Pro" is still available, and you can now explore the underwater world.

Big Wave Surfing

With new AR technology, you will be transported to Nazaré and experience with all your senses how high the highest surf waves feel. You can help rescue a big wave surfer from the wave.

Greenscreen Studio 3D

The show stage is yours! Let yourself be transported into a unique 3D world and create a cool clip in the process. Will the water drops catch you?

360° Booth

Apnoea is the purest form of diving. How long can you stay underwater with a single breath? Don't worry, you can do it without water!

Red Bull Illume

Since 2007, an international jury of experts has selected the best sports and action images of recent years. This exhibition shows the best works of international top photographers on the subject of water sports: on, under and sometimes above the surface; accompanied by 8D sound.

Red Bull Cliff Diving

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of high diving. Experience first-hand what it feels like to stand side by side on the platform with the best cliff divers in the world. Learn all about this aesthetic sport that requires nothing more than a bathing suit, a way to jump - and a lot of water underneath you.


Take off

This is High Diving: A tour through the world of Red Bull Cliff Diving with record champion Orlando Duque.

VR Dokumentation "THE ART OF FALLING"

Join the Red Bull athlete Jonathan Paredes, one of the most aesthetically pleasing jumpers in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, from the cenotes in Mexico to iconic sites in Europe to Sydney in an immersive VR documentary.

High Diving up close (VR und Mixed Reality experience)

How does it feel to stand on the platform, to hear the waves crashing, to feel the wind? To have 27 metres of nothingness under your feet? Here you can experience it with the innovative Mixed Reality VR glasses!

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