Cleared for take-off!

Mankind has always dreamt of being able to fly like a bird. In this hall, more than 30 historic aircraft and flying machines, together with over 300 original artefacts, models, dioramas, experiments and simulators will take you to spectacular new heights.

Since the opening of the Aviation and Space Travel Hall in 1972, witnesses to the world of aviation from the past, present and future have been collected, refurbished and made accessible to the general public. A living show, adapted and expanded over the decades that has gained worldwide renown. Milestones along the path of this development were the space travel exhibition “Cosmorama” in 1999 and the renovation to mark “100 years of powered flight” in 2003 followed by three further renovation stages. And care has been taken throughout to ensure that all aviation sectors and areas such as flight safety, airports, flying weather, air rescue services, civil and military flight are presented in an attractive fashion.