Amateur radio station HB9O

Amateur radio station HB9O in the Swiss Museum of Transport can be heard worldwide thanks to its tall directional antenna and clear signal. It is on air Tuesdays and at weekends.

Licensed operators provide demonstrations of how it is possible to communicate with like-minded enthusiasts in Europe or even at the ends of the world using just 100 W of power – equivalent to a strong incandescent light bulb. The technology that allows this is time-honoured morse telegraphy, regular radiotelephony or the digital transmission of text.

Regardless of HB9O's hours of operation, visitors to the museum can always listen in to transmissions from all kinds of sources, including radio broadcasts, aircraft radio, time signals and amateur radio. Visitors can even tap out their names using robust, elegant keys. Conversely, they can also try to decode common names which lie hidden in a preset morse code sequence.