Douglas DC-3

The most successful transport aircraft of all time – the Douglas DC-3 is without doubt the most famous transport aircraft, as well as the most versatile. Between 1935 and 1945 some 13,000 DC-3s were built – several hundred are still flying today.

In 1939, the DC-3 accounted for around 90 per cent of the entire world’s air transport! The majority of the planes were military transporters (e.g. C-47 or Dakota) and saw service in all theatres of war. At the end of the war, they formed the nuclei of most airline fleets. Between 1937 and 1964 a total of 16 different DC-3s bore Swissair colours; after their withdrawal from passenger service, three of them continued to serve as pilot training aircraft for many years at the Schweizerische Luftverkehrsschule (now Swiss Aviation Training). Today the planes are still used in Switzerland for nostalgia flights.

Technical data
Original   Swissair Douglas DC-3 HB-IRN
Year of construction   1945
Wingspan   28.95 m
Maximum speed   346km/h
Service ceiling   6680 m
Occupants   3 crew, 21 passengers