Lockheed 9C Orion

The Lockheed Orion was the fastest commercial aircraft of its time – more than twice as fast as all its competitors and faster than any fighter. The Orion was the first civil aircraft with retractable undercarriage.

Swissair was the only airline in Europe to use this plane. In May 1932, the «Roter Hund» set off on its maiden flight on the Zurich–Munich–Vienna «express route». Although the passengers were obliged to pay a 10-franc surcharge, the majority of flights were fully booked. Thirty-five Orions were built between 1931 and 1934. The plane on display is the sole surviving example. After an eventful history, the plane wasted away in an American museum until being acquired by the Swiss Museum of Transport and restored in two years of work by the Fokker team at Swissair.

Technical data
Original   Lockheed Orion 9C Special
Year of construction   1931
Wingspan   13.4 m
Maximum speed   360 km/h
Range   950 km
Service ceiling   5100 m
Occupants   Pilot and 4 passengers