The fascination of airports

The Aviation Hall is presenting entertaining insights into Switzerland's airport scene. Zurich and Geneva Airports and EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg are behind an interactive exhibition for families and young people that aims to explain the fascination of airports in a creative and engaging way.

What goes on during those hectic morning hours in an airport? An animated, realistic model of Zurich Airport has the answer. A time-lapse light projection depicts all the landings and take-offs. Visitors of all ages can familiarise themselves with the world of airports in ways that are both fun and interactive. Games of skill such as the luggage-sorting and safety check games require finely tuned powers of observation. Visitors can look through cabin windows to discover a wealth of fascinating facts – in four languages – about Switzerland's six most important airports. Like in real life, the visit starts at a check-in counter.