The Landi locomotive – the world’s most powerful locomotive

A milestone in Swiss locomotive building – the world’s most powerful locomotive was built in 1939 and displayed at the Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich, the “Landi”; hence the “Landi locomotive” name.

The Landi locomotive for national prestige – during the interwar years, the railway reached its pinnacle as a means of national prestige. New world records eclipsed old ones. Germany, France, England and the USA vied with one another with ever more powerful and faster record-breaking trains and locomotives. Switzerland joined in the test of strength and exceeded everyone. For the Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich in 1939, the SBB ordered a 14-axle locomotive which would be the most powerful locomotive of its day with an output of 8800 kW. With its streamlined shape and lime green livery, it was the showpiece of the Swiss engineering industry and the Swiss Railways.

Technical data
Original   Electr. twin locomotive Ae 8/14 No. 11852
Year of construction   1939
In service   1940 - 1971
Weight   235.7 t
Power   16 traction motors
Maximum speed   110 km/h