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The topic of energy is on everyone's lips - whether in the discussion about global warming and climate protection or in relation to securing the energy supply in view of the challenges of our future. The interactive exhibition "Experience Energy!" offers exciting insights into the topic for young and old. Learn about the different forms of energy, observe your energy use in everyday life and take a look at the energy future 2050.

Transport and mobility are naturally linked to energy. Whether we are on foot, use a bicycle, take the train or get from A to B in a car: energy is used in every type of movement. Without energy, there is no mobility and no transport. Energy is directly linked to climate issues. In times of climate change and discussions about sustainability, energy has become a crucial issue for the future, at least since Fukushima. Although action is necessary, there is often a lack of knowledge of the complex interrelationships and their effects on society. How are housing and mobility interconnected? What sustainable forms of mobility are there? What could Switzerland's energy future look like in 2050? What innovative solutions are there to meet the challenges? Ways and possibilities are presented of how a sustainable energy supply of the future and a careful use of resources could look.


Thematic structure of the "Experience Energy!" exhibition
Thematic structure of the "Experience Energy!" exhibition
Insight into the exhibition
Insight into the exhibition
The energy world of experience
The energy world of experience

Experience the topic of energy in all its diversity

Energy at the Swiss Museum of Transport

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