See the impact that your food has on our planet’s warming. From the processing of foodstuffs to actual cooking, energy is needed for everything we do in the kitchen. But how does this impact climate goals? The cooperative of ZFV enterprises, as the Museum of Transport’s catering partner, has been exploring this question in collaboration with FOOD2050.

In collaboration with FOOD2050, ZFV enterprises are creating transparency in the “Mercato” self-service restaurant: a live ticker shows the current total potential for global warming – in degrees Celsius – of all the meals consumed. Plus, digital food profiles offer more in-depth information on individual dishes by means of QR codes, enabling old and young guests alike to track the impact that they are personally having on the climate. In the events sector, too, these gastronomy partners are developing a supplementary sustainable menu with a minimised environmental footprint. In turn, this enables event hosts to give their guests an insight into the climate impact of the dishes served.


Thanks to this scheme, refreshments after a busy day or during an unforgettable event can offer an impressive insight into the climate future.


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