Head Ausstellung 175

Focus exhibition "175 years of rail transport"

Punctual, ideally connected, fit for the future - Swiss rail transport enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. This success story began with the inauguration of the "Spanisch-Brötli-Bahn" in 1847 on the route between Baden and Zurich. Since that event, the infrastructure, technology and social aspects of rail transport and the professional world have changed enormously. On the way to environmentally friendly mobility, public transport plays an important role. Come along on the journey of success as part of the focus exhibition "175 Years of Rail Transport": yesterday - today - tomorrow.

The focal exhibition in Hall Rail Transport 2 will not only make train enthusiasts' hearts beat faster. Numerous analogue and digital contents guarantee varied experiences. Discover the Swiss railway network on an interactive map, encounter contemporary classics such as the drop leaf display or let yourself be enchanted by the charm of a historic railway guard's house. The exhibition addresses the thematic focal points of "vehicles and rolling stock", "customers" and "railway operations".


  • Functioning drop leaf display
  • A variety of posters from 1847 to the present day
  • Digital map of the development of the railroad network
  • Equipment of the railroad personnel from the past to the present day
  • Objects commemorating the 50th anniversary of InterRail
  • Original railroad caretaker's cottage
  • Innovations and future projects: Two Hyperloop pods from ETH Zurich and ETH Lausanne (EPFL) from 2019 with section of a test tube. These pods had achieved second and third place at the international "Hyperloop Pod Competition".


Visualisation of the exhibition
Visualisation of the exhibition
Visualisation of the railway attendant's house in the outdoor area
Visualisation of the railway attendant's house in the outdoor area
Rail hall 2 in the raw state
Rail hall 2 in the raw state

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