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Planet Power 3D

PLANET POWER explores the history of electricity - from the first spark generated by human hands to today's industrial power plants. We meet scientists who changed the world, such as Faraday, Franklin and Tesla, and we take a look into the future through the Solar Impulse project, which was the first plane to fly around the world using solar energy alone.

Today, electricity is almost indispensable, but challenges lie ahead if we are to meet the growing energy demands of our industrialised world while protecting the health of our planet.

Planet Power shows how the next generation of scientists and adventurers are working to create a sustainable and clean energy future by harnessing abundant renewable natural resources and applying innovative new technologies.


nwave pictures
Director Ronan Chapalain, Pascal Vuong
Duration 45 min
Genre documentation
Language German
Translation French, Italian and English (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 6

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Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
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