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Dinosaurs have been thrilling audiences for over 100 years. But among them reigns a king - a tyrannical lizard king. It's time to bring Rex back to life in the big museum film theatres. Look forward to the best animated and most detailed documentary about T. rex ever made.

From the beginning of July 2024 in the film theatre daily programme

In collaboration with leading Tyrannosaurus scientists, a coalition of natural history institutions and pioneering visual effects artists, the original big-screen production about T. rex was created. The documentary explores the interplay between speculation and evidence and shows how the scientific process is refreshing and redefining our understanding of this legendary dinosaur. 


Giant Screen Films
Director David Clark
Producer Andy Wood, Don Kempf, Deborah Raksany
Duration 40 min
Genre documentation
Language german
Translation french, italian and english (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 6
This film is shown in 3D

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