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Explore - What moves the planets

Embark on a spectacular exploration of the laws of planetary motion – from the Babylonians to the modern space age. We uncover the pivotal role of Mars and how these insights can shape our journey to the planets.

Dive into a captivating journey through the marvels of the universe with 'Explore - What Moves the Planets.' From the captivating records of ancient Babylonians to the modern space era, we take you on an unforgettable expedition through the history of exploring planetary motions.

Experience firsthand the crucial significance of Mars in understanding celestial movements and how this knowledge continues to shape our future space voyages. Follow in the footsteps of visionary thinkers like Johannes Kepler, whose groundbreaking discoveries 450 years ago laid the foundation for our present understanding.

In 'Explore,' you'll witness in an enthralling manner the genesis of the first captivating models of the solar system. The mysteries behind the seemingly peculiar loops traced by planets in the sky are unraveled, and we delve into why the ancient Greeks once referred to them as 'celestial wanderers.' Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and wonder. 'Explore' allows you to experience the fascination of planetary motions in a truly unique way.

With 15 minutes live part (only in German).


© Creative Planet
Original title Explore
Duration 45 min (incl. live part)
Language German
Translation French, Italian, and English (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 10
Doors open 10 minutes before the start. The screening will start on time. No admission is possible after the start of the show. To be on the safe side, please allow 20 minutes to buy tickets and get to the planetarium.

A journey to the stars

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