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Mission Earth

Our Earth is so beautiful. The small blue planet we call our home, in the midst of the cold and dark of the universe. From high up in space we see the fairytale glow of the polar lights, the immensity of hurricanes, but also man's impact on the environment.

The show "Mission Earth" takes you on a journey high up into space. You get the best views of our home planet from an altitude of 40,000 kilometres. It's the ideal vantage point for discerning the diversity and beauty of our Earth. The dancing of the polar lights has a mesmerising effect, while the trajectory of a hurricane across the Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking. It's also a perspective that allows humankind's impact on the environment to be spotted. The fragile interaction of the forces of nature is out of balance: the ice caps in the polar regions and glaciers in the Alps are retreating, sea levels are rising and greenhouse gases in the protective atmosphere are increasing year on year. It's high time we took care of our wonderful planet. "Mission Earth" begins now!

Also – discover the mobile weather station in the middle of the Swiss Museum of Transport and learn how weather and climate phenomena are investigated with the help of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology.


"Mission Earth" is a production of the Swiss Museum of Transport, which has been made possible by funding from the Swiss Confederation (MINT young talent promotion) and support from MeteoSwiss in the shape of expertise and non-monetary loans.
Director Marc Horat
Producer Verkehrshaus Planetarium
Duration 45 minutes (incl. live part)
Music Ulrich Thalmann & Patrick Habermacher
Language Main show in German
Translation translated to f / i / e (headphones)
Recommended minimum age age 8
At the end of the main show there will be a live presentation (in German only) featuring the current night sky and astronomical events.Doors open 10 minutes before the start. The screening will start on time. No admission is possible after the start of the show. To be on the safe side, please allow 20 minutes to buy tickets and get to the planetarium.

A journey to the stars

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