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Out there

For thousands of years, mankind thought Earth was the centre of the universe. Thanks to our curiosity, our imagination and our thirst for knowledge, we now know that planets like Earth are nothing unusual in the cosmos.

Our Sun is just an ordinary star – one of hundreds of billions in our Milky Way. Using increasingly powerful telescopes and space probes, mankind is exploring ever larger parts of the universe. What we've found so far has exceeded scientists' wildest expectations: most stars have planets – alien solar systems are the rule rather than the exception. There's an incredible variety of worlds out there in the vastness of the cosmos.

Yet one question remains unanswered: is there life out there?

This show is not currently included in our daily programme. Special viewings or other public shows can be arranged for groups of 50 or more or for schools by prior arrangement. Please contact our Conferences and Events team.


Duration 45 Minuten
Language Deutsch
Translation simultan übersetzt in f / i / e (Kopfhörer)
Recommended minimum age age 10
Kurzpräsentation (in D) zum aktuellen Nachthimmel am Ende der Show

A journey to the stars

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