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The Night Sky LIVE

What happens in the sky during each season? Let the planetarium explain the phenomena and constellations of the current season during a live show and bring in your own wishes. Just sit back and be amazed.

Come along as the planetarium explains the starry sky of the current season to its guests. With live commentary (in German only), the projectionists at the Verkehrshaus Planetarium show the planets currently visible, special events and hidden gems in the firmament. Trips into space provide a new perspective on known and unknown celestial bodies and ideally complement our earthbound view.

Please note: this show is available in German only.

© Verkehrshaus Planetarium Marc Horat
Producer Verkehrshaus Planetarium
Duration 45 min
Language German
Recommended minimum age age 8
Doors open 10 minutes before the start. The screening will start on time. No admission is possible after the start of the show. To be on the safe side, please allow 20 minutes to buy tickets and get to the planetarium.

A journey to the stars

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Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
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