Open to discoverers.

The exhibition in the Aviation Hall is undergoing an overhaul, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The Space Travel section is set to host a new exhibition, which will open on 25 November 2016. We look forward to your visit.

Experience in interesting and diverse ways the development of transport and mobility by road, rail and water as well as in the air and outer space – yesterday, today and in the future.

Technical achievements enable us to be mobile and shape our lives. It is only the mental agility of tinkerers, inventors and explorers that has made people as mobile as they are today. The fascinating history of transport and its vehicles together with their socio-political effects on our culture are the key themes of the Swiss Museum of Transport. More than 3000 objects displayed in an area exceeding 20,000 m² are witnesses to a moving history in the most literal sense and point to future challenges in the field of transport and mobility.