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Switzerland in the air!


The special rolling exhibition "Switzerland in the air!" at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne continues with a focus on a Cessna seaplane and an ambulance jet. Numerous projects concentrate on electromobility in the air, while a new section looks at the use of security technology at airports. The exhibition again brings the fascination of flying to life.

The Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was founded by veterans shortly after the Second World War with the aim of doing something for peace. Today, almost 75 years later, 128 MAF aircraft are stationed in 26 countries to help people in an emergency. The Cessna 185 (PK-MCB) – an MAF seaplane – flew 30 000 missions in 49 years in hard-to-reach parts of Borneo. After its repair for the museum by Jet Aviation apprentices, its new home is now the boating pool in the museum Arena. Visitors can use pedalos to explore the MAF's various theatres of engagement.

Explore the ambulance jet
After some 16 years of serving the Swiss population, Rega jet HB-JRA, a Bombardier CL-604, has a new retirement home: parked in front of the Aviation Hall as part of the permanent Rega exhibition "Medical help from the air", it offers visitors insights into the international activities of the Swiss air rescue service they wouldn't otherwise get. Guided tours of the interior of the ambulance jet are also part of the attraction. And that's not all – another attraction is being added to the exhibition: a new interactive installation shows how autopilot technology can help rescue helicopters reach their destination safely even in poor visibility.

Security technology at the airport
Air travel is subject to special rules. Seemingly harmless everyday objects are confiscated at the airport's security checkpoints. The new exhibition – a donation from the airport police – in the basement of the Aviation Hall shows a selection of confiscated items, including weapons and their replicas. Also on display are legacy X-ray equipment and metal and bomb detectors. "Robi" the bomb detection robot forms part of the exhibition.

Propulsion of the future
The exhibition "Switzerland in the air!" also looks at electric mobility in the air, including the "Smartflyer" project: a four-seater hybrid-electric passenger aircraft. Another display focuses on a project developing the world's first energy-autonomous quadcopter drone. Also on show is the first fixed-wing drone to fly autonomously over the Alps from the Centovalli region in Canton Ticino to Wolfenschiessen in Canton Nidwalden, a journey that took an hour and 15 minutes. Complementing the section "Propulsion of the future" is a new, large 1:15 scale model of the Solar Impulse aircraft (HB-SIB).

Switzerland in space
The space exhibition has been expanded with the generous support of Swiss company Ruag Space: the topic of the projection onto a large hemisphere is the view of Earth from space, showing how satellites help us communicate and navigate in our everyday lives. Manufactured by Ruag Space, one section of the payload fairings from the European Ariane 5 rocket is also on show. It protects satellites and probes against the weather on the launch pad, against the noise of the extremely loud rocket engines during launch, and against aerodynamic drag during the flight.

Business and leisure aviation
Business aviation is of immense importance to Switzerland: the country ranks fourth in Europe in terms of the number of registered aircraft. The personal business aviation category accounts for 16% of all civil aircraft departures in Switzerland. Oversized suitcases show the business aviation display. The paraglider started rapidly gaining in popularity in the mountains of Switzerland in 1985. Christian Maurer, dubbed the "eagle of Adelboden", is one of the best paragliders in the world: he went professional in 2004 and has since been World Champion three times and Swiss Champion five times. Maurer won the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race with the paraglider that has just gone on display. A flying bicycle – a stylised replica of a historic Wright Brothers aircraft – is available for visitors wishing to experience flight for themselves. Lying on your stomach, a manually operated "flight" along a steel cable can be undertaken through the Aviation Hall. The project is brought to you in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Women Pilots.

Aerobatics in the Hans Erni Museum
In the exhibition "Art in flight. Depictions of flying in art from the 16th to the 21st centuries", the Hans Erni Museum is showing works by important artists alongside those of the enthusiastic amateur pilot Hans Erni, who flew airplanes at all stages of his creative life. This first temporary exhibition under its new director, Heinz Stahlhut, shows the Hans Erni Museum not only seeking to place Erni in the context of 20th and 21st century art, but also underscoring why the museum's immediate proximity to one of Europe's most important museums for mobility and technology makes absolute sense for the artist-cum-art museum.

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Aero-Club der Schweiz, Aerosuisse, Cat Aviation, Christen AG, European Business Aviation Association EBAA, Europoles Suisse, Flugplatz Dübendorf AG, Fokker-Team, Hans Erni Stiftung, iii solutions, Jet Aviation, Kantonspolizei Zürich/Flughafenpolizei, Christian Maurer, Maxon Motor AG, Mission Aviation Fellowship MAF, Müller Group, Oblivion Aerial SA, Oris, Patrouille Suisse, Pratt & Whitney Aero-Engines International, Pro Aero, Red Bull, Rega, Ruag, Ruag Space, Schweizer Armee, Schweizerischer Hängegleiter-Verband, Skyguide, Smartflyer, Solar Impulse, Sphair, Swiss International Air Lines, Swiss Business Aviation Association SBAA, Swissmem, Swissport, Swiss Space Office, Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure USKA, Verband Schweizer Papeterien, Verein Energieautonomes Fliegen, Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

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